Help for Broker Queries

To find a person, simply enter all or part of his or her name in the blank labelled "Name." Then, just say "search" ... it's that simple. Any person listed with that name will then be listed and you simply need to select his or her name to see the corresponding profile.

The search system supports:


Simple keyword search query:
This query will return all objects in the Broker containing the word Smith.

Boolean query:

	Smith AND Jane
This query will return all objects in the Broker that contain both words anywhere in the object in any order.

Phrase query:

	"Jane Smith"
This query will return all objects in the Broker that contain Jane Smith as a phrase. Notice that you need to put double quotes around the phrase.

Query options selected by menus or buttons

These checkboxes allow some control of the query specification.

Case insensitive:
By selecting this checkbox the query will become case insensitive (lower case and upper case letters differ). Otherwise, the query will be case senstive. The default is case insensitive.
Keywords match on word boundaries:
By selecting this checkbox, keywords will match on word boundaries. Otherwise, a keyword will match part of a word (or phrase). For example, "network" will matching "networking", "sensitive" will match "insensitive", and "Arizona desert" will match "Arizona desertness". The default is to not match keywords on word boundaries.
Number of errors allowed:
Glimpse allows the search to contain a number of errors. An error is either a deletion, insertion, or substitution of a single character. The Best Match option will find the match(es) with the least number of errors. The default is 0 (zero) errors.