Pingry People

A Database of the Pingry Community Online

Welcome to Pingry People! The goal is to create a single place from which members of the Pingry community can find others with connections to Pingry.
Be sure to tell others of the database and make sure they add themselves!

The official Pingry website is at
However, Pingry People will remain to provide the directory service it always has.

As always, feature requests, comments, suggestions, etc. are also welcome and encouraged.

Apu <>

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If you have any questions or problems, suggestions or criticisms, contact me, Apu, via e-mail or any other means you can think of.

Please do NOT use this resource for any commercial purposes--and that includes fundraising even for Pingry!

This database is not an official publication or service of the Pingry School, and in no way reflects the School's policies or views. Any questions should be directed to the database administrator as explained above. The official Pingry website is at

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